A walk in the rain

ME & U @ Scotland :)

ME & U @ Scotland :)

“One day when all the clouds in the sky melt into rain..
and there seems to be no need for a shed, or a place to stand.. I want to walk in the rain”
When the rain starts, one finds it hard to confine himself inside the home. It’s like all you want is to open the door and enjoy the heavy rain. No matter we catch cold or get sick, rain always has a deep and intent place in our hearts.

When it rains, the world seems so beautiful ain’t that? And when it pours on you and still you keep walking, how do you feel? Doesn’t it feel like you live for now or never? Don’t you feel you’re reborn?

All the pain and all the joys of life get mixed together. Soul gets indulged in the rainwater, heart feels lighter, life seems larger, and the moment of lifetime seems to be worthwhile.

At that moment of life, I feel like I live for that moment only, and rest of the world matters very little to me. I feel I am free and I am alive.


~ بواسطة Prince D'Amour في 25 فبراير 2009.

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